The Stonecutters Guild

WIP for Gripenhem, the Ardent Artist.

Warhammer Chapel as Dunbrough Rectory, 2012

I made another building for the bottom of the hill!

Lady Edgefield arrives.

That’s all for today.


Drawing the blocks on with pencil, then tracing with a knife.

Opening up the cuts with a pencil, then pushing in blocks randomly.

Work so far today on the blacksmith pavilion. It’s one of those inside out structures, where the interior will need to be just as detailed as the exterior. Roof up next.

Doing work on the blacksmith forge. Today I’ll be building the pavilion over the actual forge. 

I’m working on a village blacksmith for Gripenhem. For the most part I’ve been free-forming this buildings, but for the blacksmith, I really want to design this thing. So there is a balcony pinching on Tabletop World, and it hugs the outer wall. The forge will be under an awning, with the chimney going up through the roof.

Rehabbing part 2.

I broke all of the glue joins and re-glued them. I also added this 1/8” brick line to the foundation, to pick that side up. That seems to have straightened this one out. It was looking pretty dire, might of had to pitch this and start over.

I’ve gotta rehab this building, it’s really warped during the gluing process. Also need a name for this one?

Built up the upper level on the gatehouse. Mostly anyways, I still have to build a floor on the upstairs. 

More outer wall stuff. I discovered that the little shack at the top of the hill would be a great place for a walkway to the outer wall, so that’s what I did. 

Up next is the upper levels of the gate house.

Dunbrough Row Houses, 2011

Since I decided not to get involved with the rest of the world yesterday, I got a lot of work done on the outer ring buildings, mainly the upper levels. Since I’m mostly opting out of using balsa on this model, I spent a good portion of the day scribing wood grain into the foam.