The Stonecutters Guild

I got out this morning for my first flights of the season. Wind was calm, about 50 degrees F so temps were mild, not at all cold. I counted 8 deer on the field, geese, nice sunrise reflecting off of the lake. Overall it was a wonderful morning, all great benefits of getting outside.

I got four or five flights in all together. The last one though I was circling in to land. My approach has me going between some trees and over a fence to land on the infield of the baseball diamond. As I was coming around, I got a gust at low altitude that was going to put me in the tree, so I decided to nose in instead. Trust me, it’ll be easier to fix the plane than to fish it out of the branches. 

The damage was pretty light, everything that broke was along seams that I had glued before. This’ll be a quick fix, I can fly again this afternoon if I want to.

All in all a great morning, I walked away smiling, even if my plane didn’t. I missed flying, the sim just isn’t the same.

Now I’ve just got to work up the courage to take my transmitter apart and replace that retract switch.

Being a smartass,

instead of just landing my plane and carrying it to the car, I decided I would fly it to the car. Of course I planted it into a tree instead. Had to drag a picnic table about 100 ft to be able to reach it. I’ll have to glue the stab back on too. Hopefully I got it out of my system in advance of my Wildcat coming next week.

Ever see the movieEnd of the Spear?This is that Cub.

Ever see the movieEnd of the Spear?This is that Cub.