The Stonecutters Guild

Workbench Wednesday!

The roof is finished on the Old Crow. Next up windows, then paint.

Importers of Elven Wines and Fine Arkanian Silks. 2012

Late night wip.

I’ve gotten one half of the roof done on The Old Crow!

I got this punch from the scrapbooking world. It was $50 at Hobby Lobby, I got it for like $20 on Amazon.

It’s kind of a pain to use with plastic card, but it works. I took the for sale signs and sanded a grain into it with 50 grit sandpaper, to give a wood grain feel.

Hopefully this will make the roofing tiles go quicker. I needed a deeper cut than pinking sheers could give me, and this punch fits the bill.

Gonna take a break from carving walls and put the roof on the Old Crow instead.

Gonna take a break from carving walls and put the roof on the Old Crow instead.

Finished up framing the last building for Gripenhem. Up next I’ll be revisiting the ring wall, then I’ll start finishing the buildings up.

I got a little bit of work done in all of the post Oshkosh craziness yesterday. I put the roof bases on a couple of buildings. The Owl Corner has a weird, twisting roof. It’ll be interesting!

From below.

Fast forward to the completed airship (wip pics were lost in a hard drive crash.) A lot of time went into rigging, turnbuckles, and paint. The shields line rails, and the crew is in place.

I used these cheap paint brushes to make the masts for the sails. They are mounted on either side of the hull, and are designed to swivel to allow for water landings. The masts are detailed with brass rings along the length of the mast.

Bonus, a whole mess of shields to paint.

I used this wire frame basket as the base for my balloon. It would be a lot quicker than building one from scratch. I added the foam ends to complete the balloon, and added quite a few brass rings to attach the rigging to.

Finally I sacrificed a pillowcase to skin the rigid.

To beef up the design some, I built a cabin on the aft deck of the ship. This was based on a viking style longhouse. This gives the crew somewhere to go in a storm, or to cook, eat, or rest. I also added a stove pipe made from a capri sun straw and a bead.

I’m gonna revisit my Dwarven Airship a bit over the next week.

I started with a Revell 1:50th scale Viking ship. The scale seemed pretty right on for the size of your standard miniatures. The sides of the ship were a bit high for dwarves though, so I added a step up along the rails and at the bow. 

Nautical beads and mega mini bits rounded out the basic ship detailing.