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Model Airplane Monday.

I don’t really build moderns, mostly because they are pretty big in 1/48 scale. The Harrier is the exception though. It’s not really too big, or too modern! It’s been my favorite since I first saw one in person as a kid. I’ve always been more partial to the earlier versions like the Sea Harrier and AV8-A. The Harrier always looks clean to me, without the big tailpipe. Funny then that they immediately load it up with more underwing stores than it looks like it can even lift.

The kit is Tamiya 1/48. It’s an older kit, so it has raised panel lines that I have to score into the plastic and shave off before it can painted. A nice detail it does carry is the Rolls Royce Pegasus, which you can open a hatch to reveal. And f course, the lovely pre-low-vis paint scheme.

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